Why ESG matters for small businesses.

Natalie Simmons
March 4, 2024

In recent years, Environmental, Social, andGovernance (ESG) criteria has become pivotal for businesses around the globe, influencing investor decisions, consumer preferences, and regulatory frameworks. For small businesses in Australia, integrating an ESG strategy isn't just about compliance or philanthropy; it's a strategic move that drives innovation, fosters resilience, and unlocks new opportunities, driving profit with Purpose.

While it is often thought that an ESG strategy is just for large companies, small businesses have a unique position in the economy and local communities, making ESG contributions impactful. By adopting an ESG strategy it can help small businesses:

  • Drive competitive advantage
  • Attract investment and funding opportunities
  • Enhance brand reputation and customer loyalty
  • Attract talent
  • Improve your workplace culture
  • Improve risk management and resilience
  • Drive innovation 

At Barefoot Citizens Consulting, we recognise that every business' journey towards purpose and sustainability is unique. Our tailored approach empowers small businesses to integrate ESG seamlessly into their operations, leveraging existing strengths to gain a competitive edge. Through our comprehensive five-step process—from assessment to implementation—we guide businesses towards purpose-driven success aligned with core values.

Our suite of proprietary tools provides actionable insights, engagement strategies, and a clear roadmap to create meaningful impact while propelling business growth. Barefoot Citizens Consulting can help your business make profit with Purpose possible.