Illuminating Futures

SolarBuddy is a global charity driven to end Energy Poverty and the poverty cycle that ensues for millions, by educating and empowering current and

future generations.


SolarBuddy does this by providing children living in Energy Poverty with innovative portable solar lights so they can study safely after dark, improve their educational outcomes and break the cycle of poverty they

are born into.


Working in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, SolarBuddy educates and empowers its global community to have real-world positive impact.

Our Community


As Barefoot Citizens, we feel a deep connection to the world in which we live & work.  Barefoot Citizens represent a global community of people united by a shared commitment to creating a sustainable future for all people and the planet.

We are a team of passionate individuals committed to create, build & invest in socially responsible businesses, while delivering bottom line results to our investors and shareholders.  We are deeply focused on social change and sharing our successes with local and global communities. 


Barefoot Citizens started its journey with a focus on solving the devastating issue of energy poverty affecting 1.2 billion people on the planet today.  Access to energy is the determining factor in economic and human development, critical to transforming underdeveloped economies into sustainable ones. 

We quickly identified however that the problem cannot be solved without addressing adjacent vertical businesses, which is why we created Barefoot Citizens.

Wyld Bikes
Tread Lightly

Naturally beautiful. Handcrafted. Unique. Sustainable. Ethical. Social. 

The bike that makes a difference while you do What You Love Doing.

Wyld Bikes is a social enterprise providing meaningful employment both in Australia and West Africa, by uniting communities that are willing to make a difference through empowering those less fortunate. With a mission to inspire a healthy, sustainable, and socially conscious community, Wyld Bikes supports local Ghanaians to produce beautiful, sustainable bamboo push bikes. 


The bamboo frames are then sent to Australia where Wyld Bikes supports disadvantaged youth across the country to turn the frames into beautiful, sustainable modes of transport; providing young people with essential income and supporting them to become the leaders of their own futures. 


Luca Power

Luca Power is a social enterprise providing communities devastated by Energy Poverty with clean, affordable access to sustainable grid power.


Not only does the Luca Power project alleviate the adverse effects of living in energy poverty, but 20 per cent of all Luca Power profits are invested back into tertiary scholarships in each country, specifically to allow local girls to study in the fields of law, medicine, business, science and engineering.


There are currently 130 million girls unable to attend school, with 15 million never having entered a primary school classroom. Educating girls is central to eradicating global poverty issues and

Luca Power is paving the way to ensure year on year more and more girls have access to a safe and

fulfilling education.